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Industry leadership on sustainable development in 3 charts by Aiste Brackley and Eric Whan, GreenBiz

Companies looking for the most effective ways to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should prioritize pursuing collaborations with partner organizations and developing new products and services, according to a global survey of experienced sustainability professionals. Applying the SDGs as a lens for setting corporate sustainability goals and analyzing risks are also … Continue reading

Sustainability reports boost Singapore’s status as global market by Wong Wei Han, Straits Times

Under new SGX rules, listed companies must issue annual reports on their sustainability practices and performance. Some company chiefs grumble about the work needed to produce these reports, while supporters say sustainability is key to company performance. When investors look at which company to put their money on, the decision is often based on financials … Continue reading

The 3 Ps of an effective sustainability story by Carole Dubois and Lori Gustavus, Greenbiz

This story is sponsored by Quantis International. Sustainability communications is experiencing a rebirth, a sort of renaissance driven by a newfound purpose. Sustainability managers are teamed up with internal communications and marketing teams and have sought out specific expertise in an effort to shed — once and for all— the image that these actions are green-washing. This … Continue reading

What makes a sustainable product? by Kevin Brady, Greenbiz

What makes a sustainable product? This is a question that many companies, consumers and governments are asking, and it is also the focus of a sustainability course I teach at the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University. In that class, the first assignment requires the students to analyze a product that promotes its sustainability … Continue reading

Companies Increasingly Dedicating Sustainability Resources to Supply Chain Functions by Kaitlyn Mcavoy

Companies are increasingly embedding sustainability resources into their supply chain organizations. The latest State of the Profession  report from GreenBiz, which examines how the role of sustainability executives has evolved over the years, shows a growth in supply chain sustainability efforts. In 2014, the number of companies dedicating sustainability resources to supply chain efforts grew … Continue reading

Setting bold goals: 6 ways to shoot higher on sustainability by Jessica Urdangarin, Jennifer Andress and Mike Wallace,GreenBiz

Sustainability has stretched into nearly every corner of the global economy, from national leaders to corporate boards and executives to local chambers of commerce and mayors. Investor expectations and customer requirements, rather than regulations, are driving a growing number of organizations to establish and publicly announce their own specific goals around sustainability. The most notable … Continue reading

CSR Communications and Measuring Success: Q&A with Susan McPherson, Founder and CEO, McPherson Strategies, LLC, 3BL Media

Susan is the founder of McPherson Strategies, a consultancy focused on the intersection between brands and social good where she advises both corporations and growing nonprofits on how best to partner, build advocacy and drive visibility for their causes and initiatives. She’s a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Triple Pundit and Forbes and … Continue reading

It’s time to move towards environmental sustainability by Napoleon Navarro, The Phnom Penh Post

Yesterday marked the annual World Environment Day, a time to reflect on the importance of protecting the environment. In September, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seven of which are environmental. These include promoting sustainable use of natural resources, combating climate change and building sustainable cities. Achieving each of these goals … Continue reading

Attention, Change Agents: How to Help Shape Your CEO’s Sustainability Decisions by Stephanie Bertels, Sustainable Brands

Image credit: The Embedding Project It’s no secret that your CEO’s level of commitment to sustainability can have a huge impact on your organization’s sustainability journey. That’s why we decided to speak with over 100 CEOs, board members, and sustainability executives from a range of global companies, to try to understand the factors that influence … Continue reading

Is Competition Between Sustainability Reporting Standards Healthy? by Antonio Vives, Triple Pundit

Competition in well-functioning markets tends to increase product innovation and quality and lower prices.  But is this the case in the market for sustainability information? This question is becoming more important with the increasing demand for relevant sustainability information by stakeholders, particularly by responsible investors and stock exchanges and by governments requiring or considering to … Continue reading