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Role of Employees in CSR Communications

Employees represent the most powerful brand communications channels. The most fruitful way to link philanthropic or employee volunteerism programs and the corporate brand is through a company’s employee base. What they say about their company and its offerings can often have more impact on company’s brand equity than any advertising campaign. If they understand them, … Continue reading

Online Media is vital for effective CSR communications

Digital disruption is today’s reality. Internet has exploded as a primary distribution point content creating new opportunities to engage people in topics they really care about. Companies in the field of CSR & Sustainability are being forced to make a 360-degree turn and revamp their communications, marketing, supply chain operations, and basically every part of … Continue reading

Like it or not, the link between CSR & Marketing is undeniable

Last week I completed my summer program on ‘Strategic Marketing’ at Imperial College Business School, London. One of the main reasons why I had opted for this course was infact, one of its modules on Business Sustainability, and my desire to explore the link between marketing and corporate social responsibility. Needless to say, I found … Continue reading