Business Responsibility Report – Suggested Framework (SEBI)


Section A: General Information about the Company

1. Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the Company

2. Name of the Company

3. Registered address

4. Website

5. E-mail id

6. Financial Year reported

7. Sector(s) that the Company is engaged in (industrial activity code-wise)

8. List three key products/services that the Company manufactures/provides (as in balance sheet)

9. Total number of locations where business activity is undertaken by the Company

     i. Number of International Locations (Provide details of major 5)

     ii. Number of National Locations

10.Markets served by the Company – Local/State/National/International/

Section B: Financial Details of the Company

1. Paid up Capital (INR)

2. Total Turnover (INR)

3. Total profit after taxes (INR)

4. Total Spending on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as percentage of profit after tax (%)

5. List of activities in which expenditure in 4 above has been incurred:-




Section C: Other Details

1. Does the Company have any Subsidiary Company/ Companies?

2. Do the Subsidiary Company/Companies participate in the BR Initiatives of the parent company? If yes, then indicate the number of such subsidiary company(s)

3. Do any other entity/entities (e.g. suppliers, distributors etc.) that the Company does business with, participate in the BR initiatives of the Company? If yes, then indicate the percentage of such entity/entities? [Less than 30%, 30-60%, More than 60%]

Section D: BR Information

1. Details of Director/Directors responsible for BR

    a) Details of the Director/Director responsible for implementation of the BR policy/policies

       ● DIN Number

       ● Name

       ● Designation

    b) Details of the BR head


2. Principle-wise (as per NVGs) BR Policy/policies (Reply in Y/N)


2a.If answer to S.No. 1 against any principle, is ‘No’, please explain why: (Tick up to 2 options)


3. Governance related to BR

    ● Indicate the frequency with which the Board of Directors, Committee of the Board or CEO to assess the BR performance of the Company. Within 3 months, 3-6 months, Annually, More than 1 year

    ● Does the Company publish a BR or a Sustainability Report? What is the hyperlink for viewing this report? How frequently it is published?

Section E: Principle-wise performance

Principle 1

1. Does the policy relating to ethics, bribery and corruption cover only the company? Yes/ No. Does it extend to the Group/Joint Ventures/ Suppliers/Contractors/NGOs /Others?

2. How many stakeholder complaints have been received in the past financial year and what percentage was satisfactorily resolved by the management? If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

Principle 2

1. List up to 3 of your products or services whose design has incorporated social or environmental concerns, risks and/or opportunities.




2. For each such product, provide the following details in respect of resource use (energy, water, raw material etc.) per unit of product(optional):

    i. Reduction during sourcing/production/ distribution achieved since the previous year throughout the value chain?

    ii. Reduction during usage by consumers (energy, water) has been achieved since the previous year?

3. Does the company have procedures in place for sustainable sourcing (including transportation)? If yes, what percentage of your inputs was sourced sustainably? Also, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

4. Has the company taken any steps to procure goods and services from local & small producers, including communities surrounding their place of work? If yes, what steps have been taken to improve their capacity and capability of local and small vendors?

5. Does the company have a mechanism to recycle products and waste? If yes what is the percentage of recycling of products and waste (separately as <5%, 5-10%, >10%). Also, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

Principle 3

1. Please indicate the Total number of employees.

2. Please indicate the Total number of employees hired on temporary/contractual/casual basis.

3. Please indicate the Number of permanent women employees.

4. Please indicate the Number of permanent employees with disabilities

5. Do you have an employee association that is recognized by management.

6. What percentage of your permanent employees is members of this recognized employee association?

7. Please indicate the Number of complaints relating to child labour, forced labour, involuntary labour, sexual harassment in the last financial year and pending, as on the end of the financial year.


8. What percentage of your under mentioned employees were given safety & skill up-gradation training in the last year?

    Permanent Employees

    Permanent Women Employees

    Casual/Temporary/Contractual Employees

    Employees with Disabilities

Principle 4

1.Has the company mapped its internal and external stakeholders? Yes/No

2.Out of the above, has the company identified the disadvantaged, vulnerable & marginalized stakeholders.

3.Are there any special initiatives taken by the company to engage with the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized stakeholders. If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

Principle 5

1.Does the policy of the company on human rights cover only the company or extend to the Group/Joint Ventures/Suppliers/Contractors/NGOs/Others?

2.How many stakeholder complaints have been received in the past financial year and what percent was satisfactorily resolved by the management?

Principle 6

1. Does the policy related to Principle 6 cover only the company or extends to the Group/Joint Ventures/Suppliers/Contractors/NGOs/others.

2. Does the company have strategies/ initiatives to address global environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, etc? Y/N. If yes, please give hyperlink for webpage etc.

3. Does the company identify and assess potential environmental risks? Y/N

4. Does the company have any project related to Clean Development Mechanism? If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so. Also, if Yes, whether any environmental compliance report is filed?

5. Has the company undertaken any other initiatives on – clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc. Y/N. If yes, please give hyperlink for web page etc.

6. Are the Emissions/Waste generated by the company within the permissible limits given by CPCB/SPCB for the financial year being reported?

7. Number of show cause/ legal notices received from CPCB/SPCB which are pending (i.e. not resolved to satisfaction) as on end of Financial Year.

Principle 7

1. Is your company a member of any trade and chamber or association? If Yes, Name only those major ones that your business deals with:





2. Have you advocated/lobbied through above associations for the advancement or improvement of public good? Yes/No; if yes specify the broad areas ( drop box: Governance and Administration, Economic Reforms, Inclusive Development Policies, Energy security, Water, Food Security, Sustainable Business Principles, Others)

Principle 8

1. Does the company have specified programmes/initiatives/projects in pursuit of the policy related to Principle 8? If yes details thereof.

2. Are the programmes/projects undertaken through in-house team/own foundation/external NGO/government structures/any other organization?

3. Have you done any impact assessment of your initiative?

4. What is your company’s direct contribution to community development projects-Amount in INR and the details of the projects undertaken.

5. Have you taken steps to ensure that this community development initiative is successfully adopted by the community? Please explain in 50 words, or so.

Principle 9

1. What percentage of customer complaints/consumer cases are pending as on the end of financial year.

2. Does the company display product information on the product label, over and above what is mandated as per local laws? Yes/No/N.A. /Remarks(additional information)

3. Is there any case filed by any stakeholder against the company regarding unfair trade practices, irresponsible advertising and/or anti-competitive behaviour during the last five years and pending as on end of financial year. If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so.

4. Did your company carry out any consumer survey/ consumer satisfaction trends?


  1. SEBI, Business Responsibility Reports, Circular CIR/CFD/DIL/8/2012 at

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